It’s late Aug; we are tired of the heat but want to enjoy the last days of summer.  Don’t let high temps and tired achy muscles keep you from enjoying the last days of summer with your family and friends.  Need assistance and motivation to keep moving.  Alex has plenty of both.

Sore achy muscles? Get up and go to the freezer pull out your Thermapress wrap.  The cool icy wrap soothes sore and achy muscles, thinking hot will help, put the pack in the microwave for 2 mins and you’re ready to heat.

Knees a little stiff, put on a neoprene knee wrap that keeps the joints warm and moving. Need a cane for extra stability and assurance, a peacock with its bright colors will brighten your day, don’t forget your CANE STAYCANE STAY  is Alex’s newest acquisition. A durable plastic device, that fits around a cane or any rod shaped device. It allows the cane to stand upright at a wall, or hangs on a table top next to you,  you don’t want to have to pick that cane up off the floor.