Leg Wedges

What should you do when you injure your leg? Physicians have condensed their advice for most cases into a handy acronym: RICE. Your leg should get plenty of rest, meaning you should lie down somewhere comfortable and stay off your feet when possible. You should apply ice to the injured area so the swelling can more quickly go down and disappear. A healthy amount of compression will also help the leg heal.

That just leaves one final letter and one vital element of the RICE strategy:
elevation. Keeping one's foot raised helps lower swelling and pain, and you should do it even when you are not applying ice. Leg pillow wedges make it easier to do than raising it yourself or even using your home pillows. These popular orthopedic products are designed to elevate your leg without strain, pain, or discomfort.

When you need a good leg pillow wedge in your life, you can find one here at Alex Orthopedics. Our standards are high — one could say elevated — and we only sell the best products in the field. Customers can shop here with the assurance that they are browsing and choosing from the highest-quality leg pillow wedges. See for yourself by scrolling through this page.
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