Back Wedges

In the wake of an injury to the foot, leg, or neck, physicians often recommend that their patients get plenty of RICE. This advice does not mean eating the world's most popular staple food, though it can help. It instead refers to an acronym that stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. All four can help ease pain and swelling over time, the first phase on the road to recovery.

Household pillows are usually comfortable enough, but they may not be what your body needs in the wake of injury. Bed wedge pillows, on the other hand, are designed to provide elevation for those who need RICE. Their angular shape and firm feel make them ideal for raising one's legs, backs, and necks for extended periods while providing maximal comfort. On top of all that, they can help with pressure, breathing, circulation, and more.

Bed wedge pillows are wonderful tools that many orthopedics practitioners recommened for many patients. If you want to supply your own patients with them, you can find high-quality products right here at Alex Orthopedics. We select only the firmest, most comfortable, and most well-made examples on the market. Feel free to browse our store selection and place an order, so we can help you and your patients right away.
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