For Stress or Strain on Lower Back

Posted by Alex Team on 11/20/2018
Why you should show your customer the Alex Wedge system with the 5507 cervical roll

Give your customers seating support

Posted by Alex Team on 11/13/2018
Did a customer walk into your store today, with discomfort from sitting long term due to a coccyx, tailbone issue, or prostate pain? Were they looking for pain relief while sitting in an office chair, car seat, or lounge chair at home?

Why did your customer come into your store today?

Posted by Alex Team on 11/2/2018
Don’t become a showroom for an online store, give your customer something an online store Won’t ever be able to do. Make them feel that their needs matter!

Don't Let Wrist or Elbow Pain Keep You Down

Posted by Alex Team on 5/18/2018
Now that the warmer months have finally arrived you have more opportunities to get out and explore your area or enjoy your favorite outdoor hobbies during the longer days. However, if you are suffering from localized joint pain it can be much more challenging to enjoy all your favorite activities. Luckily Alex Orthopedic Inc. has you covered! We offer a full line of Orthopedic braces and supports that can get you back into the action.

MedTrade Audit Gurus - The Glass May Indeed Be Half Full

Posted by Greg Thompson on 9/18/2017
ATLANTA – Wayne van Halem, founder of The van Halem Group, a Division of VGM Group Inc, admits that he tends to be a “bit more negative” in his assessments of the audit climate—particularly in recent years. When van Halem and Kelly Grahovac, senior consultant at the van Halem Group, speak at next month’s Medtrade, that vibe could change. 

Hot Weather with Cold Feet

Posted by John F Boogaerts on 7/24/2017
There are lots of reasons people have cold feet. Iron deficiency, diabetes, arteriosclerosis is just a few reasons and waking up with cold feet is not fun at all and the discomfort can make it so hard to fall back asleep. Even if it is warm, your feet still feel have a numb feeling of coldness. Socks can help and we have the best socks for the job!

Made in USA!

Posted by John Boogaerts on 6/22/2017
Buying American is more than just a label. It means you're supporting your fellow countrymen and helping to reduce the trade deficit. You're encouraging an environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and you'll receive a higher quality product than from the imported competition. With Independence Day on the horizon we want to promote our pillows & cushions made right in the USA!

Treating Chronic Pain with OTC devices

Posted by Linda Lavi on 5/5/2017
Relieving chronic pain of arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, sprains and strains, using OTC orthotic devices.

Healthy exercise with Osteoarthritis

Posted by Alex Team on 3/31/2017
Osteoarthritis of the knee is just one of the many problems that can make daily exercise difficult but walking is great treatment against knee arthritis so let's talk about how the Neoprene Knee products will help!

The Original Comfort Bed Socks

Posted by Ebrahim Lavi on 2/28/2017
Alex Orthopedic, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of a complete line of Comfort Bed Socks to the current product mix. There are 22 colors and patterns

Reach for IT

Posted by Alex Team on 2/9/2017

There are many tasks we do every day effortlessly that we don’t think twice about; getting things from the top shelf, pulling clothes from the bottom of the washer are just a very small portion of tasks we take for granted. And for some, these can be difficult tasks that can end up unachievable or causing injury, so meet the reacher!

Office Place Posture

Posted by Alex Team on 1/27/2017

Today’s work is more at a desk and less in a field. Working for hours while seated and digging into work makes it easy to forget about the way you are sitting and cause you to hunch over your keyboard. 

CoolMax [tm] Casual Comfort Socks

Posted by Linda Lavi on 12/23/2016

Alex Orthopedic, inc. is proud to announce the addition to its Hosiery line of Cool Max [tm] Casual Comfort Socks.  The sock is so comfortable , it doubles as a diabetic sock.

Fall Prevention during the Winter months!

Posted by Alex Team on 12/2/2016
Fall Prevention during the Winter months!
Walking aids can help us stay active, but they can be less effective on slippery paths. Being prepared for the bad weather is the best way to insure safety.

Holiday Travel Season is Here!

Posted by J. F. Boogaerts on 10/28/2016
Holiday Travel Season is Here!
An estimated 46.9 million people will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday this year and many of them will want some sleep while on their way. Though being in an airplane or moving vehicle does not always bring the best slumber, there are ways to help provide the best sleep we can achieve. Of course, a travel pillow has vastly been the choice of many people.

National Senior Citizens Day

Posted by Ebrahim Lavi on 8/1/2016
National Senior Citizens Day On August 21 st , we celebrate National Senior Citizens Day in honor of our elderly population. This date was set by proclamation in 1988 by then President Ronald Reagan.

Alex Orthopedic Adds New Products to Home Health Care Center

Posted by Ebrahim Lavi on 12/17/2014
GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (Dec. 5, 2014)—Alex Orthopedic has added several new products to its Home Health Care Center, a turnkey retail program for HME providers that allows for easy entry into the retail home health product arena.

The Lower Back

Posted by Ebrahim Lavi on 3/4/2014

“The Lower Back”

Spring is here, and with it comes all of the activities we have waited all winter for. The problem is, our lower backs may not be ready for them.

The Sprained Ankle

Posted by Ebrahim Lavi on 2/3/2014
“The Sprained Ankle”
This is one of the most common medical conditions affecting the human ankle. It usually involves a tear or partial tear of one or more ligaments.

your not alone in your search

Posted by Linda on 5/4/2012
What do Alex Orthopedic customers have that other soft goods customers don’t?

2012 Upcoming Events

Posted by Janet on 4/18/2012
List of Upcoming trade shows


Posted by Linda on 5/4/2011

New web site

Posted by Ebrahim Lavi on 2/1/2011
We have launched our new web site

Alex History

Posted by Ebrahim Lavi on 1/1/2011
Alex Orthopedic history