Written by: John F. Boogaerts

When looking for foam cushions/pillows, the buyer is typically confronted with several options. Memory foam, standard foam, convoluted foam, gel (insert) foam will add confusion to something that should remain easy. So, let's break down the options.

5512 Adjustable Bed Wedge from Ebrahim Lavi on Vimeo.

Memory Foam was originally created by NASA for the seats astronauts sat on for their trip to space but today, this foam, has a much broader use. Memory foam is denser than other standard polyurethane foam, so it gives it a 'softer' feel. When body heat is applied to the foam, it will conform, which is why it is considered softer and more desirable.
Standard polyurathane foam is the basic foam that does not conform to body heat so it will hold its shape, allowing more support but at the cost of less 'softness'. This foam can be used with Memory foam to provide maximum support while not sacrificing softness. Due to standard bring less dense and using less material, it tends to be more cost efficient.

Convalescent or better known as the 'egg crate' uses the standard foam but has a wave like pattern on the top which helps reduce the amount of pressure points while increasing air flow to the part laying on the convoluted area. These benefits do not come at a cost either. This product will still perform the way it should but has some extra things to benefit from.

So, while searching for the foam of your dreams, stop, and ask what you like from your cushions? The softest available (Memory Foam), the best support (standard foam), or one for prolonged us with minimal pressure (convoluted). Answering this will bring you to the best option for you! Remember that Alex uses medical grade materials that does not have that stinky, chemical smell that so many foam products carry. After years of use, you can replace the cover and continue using your foam product!