Posted by J. F. Boogaerts on 8/9/2019

When the temperature changes to cold our body typically reminds of a pain from old injuries. Here are some tips we suggest making it an easier transition.

Using a light brace to help keep warmth, and pressure will keep any swelling from inflammation. The Neoprene material Alex uses is best for constant pressure and keeping heat against the body. This will allow the users muscles to stay loose which helps keep a better range of motion. The compression keeps all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments closer so there is less stress while the body is in motion. By doing this you won’t feel such a demand on the body while going about the day.

Some pains that were caused by a more serious injury that will always hurt no matter the prevention taken to reduce pain. That is where Thermapress line can help us recover and start feeling great again. These come in several sizes, and can be heated up to help relax the muscles while increasing blood flow in that area which helps the user move easier; Or, you can freeze the pack which helps numb the pain of the affected area, and bring down any swelling/inflammation. The Thermapress comes with fabric pouch held in place with the straps included.

Exercise is the best way to help against chronic joint pains, arthritis, circulation issues, and much more. So, enjoy the outdoors as much as possible to get the best foot forward during the coming months.

Check out these products, and many like it in our ‘Orthopedic’ and ‘Thermapress’ categories. We also carry much more to help ease the burden many people encounter every day.