Choosing the Right Cane: Material Type

Written by: Ben DeFrank

When looking to purchase a new cane there are many factors to consider before making your decision. You will need to decide what kind of material that you want your cane to be made out of since this choice can heavily influence other aspects of your cane.
Here at Alex Orthopedic we offer canes made from three types of materials Aluminum, Wood and Lucite. Which material you choose for your cane is mainly left up to personal preference but we want to let you know some of the benefits of each type to help you choose the right fir for your needs.

Alex Wood Canes are made from a hardwood and finished with one of four diverse types of stains to provide a range of color options for the user. These wood canes portray a timeless elegance and simplicity and are the most cost-efficient choice among our canes. Wood canes are only offered in two lengths and will need to be sized down to the correct height for each individual. Sizing directions are included with your cane to make this process easier.

Alex Aluminum canes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns providing a much wider range of options when looking for the right cane for you. All of the Aluminum canes are height adjustable in 1" increments and come with a locking silencer to keep the appropriate height in place and muffle the cane rattle that can occur with any aluminum cane. Aluminum canes come in a range of prices so you can always find the right cane for your budget!

Finally, Alex offers a line of Lucite (Transparent) canes. These canes are made from Clear Lucite and are an attractive cane for those that really wanting to set themselves apart from the rest. These canes come in a range of handle styles so those looking for a classier option of canes can find the right cane for them as well. These canes only come in one size and will need to be sized down like the wood canes to ensure the right fit for each individual.