Written by: Ben DeFrank

After deciding on which type of material and the style of tip you want your cane to have the last factor to consider is the Handle Style.  Now depending on your preferred material and cane tip style your choice for handle style could be limited since certain styles will only work well with a specific material or tip.  The Handle Styles we will go over today are: Tourist, Fritz, Derby, Contour, and Offset(Hypalon).

Tourist style handle are probably one of the first images of canes that come to mind.  They have a unique shape which causes these canes to look like candy canes or Shepard crooks.  This design is one of the earliest that was used with canes and can be found on all materials of single tip canes.

Fritz handles were designed by a German Count in the 18th century and was designed to make cane use by someone suffering from Arthritis more bearable.  When looking at these canes you might think that it resembles the shape of the letter T when looking at it from the side.  Fritz handles are found all materials of single tip canes and can even be used on a folding cane designed for Travel.

Derby style handles are very similar to the Fritz handle and offer many of the same benefits.  The difference between these two can be found at the end of the cane while the Fritz handle is straighter the Derby handle canes are rounded at the end.  Derby handles like the fritz handles are found on all materials of canes as well as folding canes.

Contour handles are different from most other styles as they are designed to fit specifically in either your right or left hand.  The handle style is contoured to fit completely in your palm fitting your hand like a glove and distributing weight evenly across the entire palm.  These contour handles are found on wood and lucite canes and even a few travel canes.

Offset canes also referred to as a Hypalon grip makes the cane look very similar to a question mark.  This handle style comes with a padded foam grip and is one of the newest trends to be seen with cane handles.  This is the only style of handle you will find with quad canes but they are also seen or aluminum canes