Walker Accessories for Old People

Old age brings with it many challenges, but losing mobility is one of the toughest. Not being able to move around independently and being dependent for the smallest tasks is a sad reality that many seniors face each day. Now there are many walking aids like sticks and walkers in the market. 

They make walking easier for those with walking difficulties. However, one can make it even more convenient for old people by equipping them with the right walker accessories. 

Walker accessories help them with difficulties like hand pain, make it easier for them to carry stuff they need, and serve many other purposes.

Have you been wondering which walker accessories to pick? It can get overwhelming to choose among the wide variety of options in the market. In this article, we will try to make it easier for you to pick the best walker accessories for seniors.

Walker bags: The primary purpose of a walker is to assist the elderly or disabled with their mobility issues. However, when they go out, they’d need some things like their phone, glasses, medicines, water, etc. Carrying a bag may not be the easiest thing to do and thus walker bags are great accessories. 

All you need to do is attach them to the walker and fill in the stuff. Good walker bags like this do not interfere with walking and are manufactured using easy-care fabrics so you can clean them easily.

Walker Glide caps: As much as we love the seniors at our home, it can be quite a disturbance to hear the screeching noise of walker’s feet rubbing against the floor. The gliding can cause scratches too. Walker glide caps are made of thermoplastic polyoxymethylene and are ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Apart from preventing scratches, they are discreet and offer a great grip for better stability. They are the perfect replacement for tennis balls that people have been using with walkers for the same purpose. Here is a durable walker glide cap pair you can use to help the senior citizens you know, protect your floors and avoid the gliding noise.

Walker Glide brakes: A wheeled walker can be a liberating feeling for seniors but can be a hazard if they are not very careful. Walker glide brakes for the rear legs are the perfect walker accessories to keep old people safe. 

All they need to do is apply pressure on the handgrip and the brakes will stop the walker. Good quality walker glide brakes can be height adjusted and bear weights as much as 300 pounds. This option from Alex orthopedic is a great option.

Walker Tray: Walker trays are a great way to walk around the house with food, books, medicines, or other important stuff. These trays fit most standard walkers and make it easier for seniors. They can also use these as tables to eat, read, craft, or work on the laptop. This tray here has cupholders to prevent any spills and the edges are also raised to prevent stuff from falling. It is easy to wipe and clean and is a great companion for a walker.

Walker platform attachment: Seniors who struggle with limited dexterity and limited arm strength benefit from walker platform attachments. These are also helpful for those struggling with the aftermath of a stroke. The attachment takes the pressure off the hand and lets the person maneuver it using the full arm. 

It is thus more comfortable to move around using the walker. Users can adjust the height of the attachment as well. Easy to grip foam handles, and arm strap are some features that make them more comfortable and convenient. Here is a walker platform attachment that is made of heavy-duty material and is very helpful for seniors.

Walker ski tips: Ski tips are a type of walker shoes that make it easy to glide the walker on any surface. They make the movement through door jams and small blockages easy. The shape resembles a ski and also makes it easy to transition from carpet to concrete and vice versa. 

They prevent the floor from scratches and are durable enough to last for months. They add mobility and safety and can be easily attached to any walker without the need for any specialized tools. These high-quality walker ski tips are safe and affordable and are a great walker accessory.

Walker basket: A walker basket is also a walker storage solution that helps the users to store essentials while moving around. They are very spacious and fit most walkers. They are easy to install and do not obstruct while walking. This storage basket from Alex orthopedic is rust-resistant and durable.

Walker extension: Some seniors with impaired mobility need a higher walker than the standard extension limit. Adding extension legs to walkers can help to increase the height and prevent back pains and other issues.

However, the extension you choose must be of high quality. Non-sturdy extensions may pose a hazard to seniors. Here is a walker extension with wheels. It has been manufactured using high-quality materials and makes the extended walker a safe mobility aid for seniors.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is a wide variety of walker accessories available online and in stores. You can choose one that suits your requirement the best. However, make sure that you pay adequate attention to quality to ensure a safe walk. Durable accessories are good investments that will stay with you longer and save money in the long run.

Alex Orthopedic has an extensive range of walker accessories and other mobility essentials. Each of these has been manufactured using high-quality materials and quality tested before making it available for you. Choosing a product from here will ensure that you get a durable product that has been manufactured with passion and care. You can find the accessories here.