How do Lumbar Pillows Work?

Working from home can lead to back pains. Gluing to a chair for hours and worsening your sleeping pattern leave a large impact on the body posture, leading to back pain. And the lumbar region, the lower area of the back, is more prone to it. 

To solve this problem, a special style of pillow is available in the market, which is capable of eliminating back pain and improving body posture- Lumbar Pillow.

Lumbar Pillows provide appropriate support to the body by fitting between your lower back and the surface supporting it. It could be used while sitting on the bed, sofa, and even office chair. Its small and portable design makes it the best addition to make in your home or office gear.

However, many people still wonder why to invest in Lumbar Pillows. Below you can discover how lumbar pillows work, their benefits, and how to use and select one.

What are Lumbar Pillows?

Lumbar Pillows, also known as support pillows, are a portable and small product made up of memory foam or fiber that helps in providing maximum support to the spine, improves posture, relieves pressure, and solves most musculoskeletal conditions. Its pressure mapping nature effectively distributes body weight and adapts to the natural curvature of the body.

Furthermore, Lumbar Pillows are also recommended by doctors to people with back problems, which give them another name, i.e., Orthopedic Pillows. These are breathable, which maintains airflow, prospers microclimate inside the cushion, and dissipates heat. Nowadays, you can find them with elastic and adjustable straps so that you can attach them to your seat.

These pillows are absolutely hygienic, non-allergenic, and odor resistant and are mostly available with a soft velvet cover that is washable and can easily be cleaned whenever you want.

How do Lumbar Pillows Work?

If your daily routine asks you to sit in the same position for several hours, then you are unknowingly harming your posture and spine. And you require Lumbar Pillows to get proper support. These are appropriate for office workers, drivers, or anyone who has back issues. In short, these pillows are the immediate and effective remedy for everyone or anyone who is fed up with these issues. 

Additionally, these will improve the posture and promote a comfortable sitting. They can be used at any time and undoubtedly are valuable gears for everyone.

Benefits of Lumbar Pillows:

1. Aligns the Spine: The spine supports the entire body, allowing it to stay in shape. It protects the spinal cord and allows you to walk or stand. In short, when the spine is not in good shape, a lot can go wrong with your body.

Lumbar Pillows offer support to the spine by alleviating the pressure from it and supporting body weight. These are made up of firm memory foam or fiber material, which supports the spine and doesn’t let it bend out. Additionally, these mould into the shape of your lower back and release pressure knots. 

2. Improves Posture: Your posture speaks a lot about your health and personality; therefore, it should be straight. And to define a good posture, your muscles should be tension-free and bones should be aligned well.

Sitting upright is not easy, which is the biggest reason why our body does not remain in the right shape. But with Lumbar Pillows, it is easy. It breaks bad posture habits by giving support to your lower back. It places at the lower back curvature, making it uplifted. It also releases strain from the body and unknots tension in your muscles.

3. Offers Back Support: Spending hours sitting or sleeping in the same position could lead to back pain. But if you offer appropriate support to your back, the back pain issues will decrease.

Lumbar Pillows are designed to offer back support when you have to stay in the same position for long hours. It distributes your weight and relaxes the muscles. When used regularly, it can reverse prior damage.

4. Stimulates Blood Circulation: Sitting or lying down in the same position can also affect your body’s blood circulation by tightening up your muscles. It is normal, and you can get rid of the stiffness by exercising. But many times, when you don’t get time to exercise, this problem can increase. So, you can take the help of Lumbar Pillows here.

Using Lumbar Pillows can distribute your body weight evenly and improve blood circulation. It can even offer relief from muscle cramps.

Other benefits of Lumbar Pillows are that they are affordable and portable, facilitate better sleep, and improve productivity. You can find them in different materials, durability, sizes, comfort, type of support, and adjustable straps, which make the selection process easier.

What are the best Lumbar Pillows to select from?

The best Lumbar Pillows depend on your requirement. Below are three options to choose from:


This Lumbar pillow supports the lower body and neck areas and relieves extra pressure. It is designed using a temperature-sensitive visco elastic form, which contours the body by transferring the extra body heat. This pillow is available with adjustable 2-way straps that hold it securely to your car or chair.


This Lumbar pillow is not just designed to be used on a wheelchair but will work wonderfully on a car or office chair. The form used in it offers proper body contouring and supports and relieves pressure on the lower back. It is available with adjustable straps to hold it securely in place.


This Lumbar Pillow is made using polyurethane foam that molds to the curve of your spine and sides of the back. It offers the best support to the lumbar and sacral region and improves posture when sitting in a chair or car. It is available with removable, washable covers, which promotes hygiene and easy cleaning.

Final Words:

Lumbar Pillows are equally helpful for anyone with back pain or who spends hours sitting or lying in the same position. These are worth investing in because they correct posture, protect the spine, and align muscles and ligaments. Additionally, they improve health and promote better sleep. Depending on the requirements, you can select the best pillow type for yourself.

We hope this article helps you understand more about Lumbar Pillows and how they work.