Arthritis Joint and Knee Pain

Posted by Alex Team on 11/27/2018
As the weather cools down, football heats up, and families get together

For Stress or Strain on Lower Back

Posted by Alex Team on 11/20/2018
Why you should show your customer the Alex Wedge system with the 5507 cervical roll

Give your customers seating support

Posted by Alex Team on 11/13/2018
Did a customer walk into your store today, with discomfort from sitting long term due to a coccyx, tailbone issue, or prostate pain? Were they looking for pain relief while sitting in an office chair, car seat, or lounge chair at home?

Why did your customer come into your store today?

Posted by Alex Team on 11/2/2018
Don’t become a showroom for an online store, give your customer something an online store Won’t ever be able to do. Make them feel that their needs matter!
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