What are the Best Walkers for seniors?

Walkers are extremely essential for senior citizens and elderly people who are suffering with balance or mobility issues. Many other issues related to walking arise due to aging and in many cases, it’s best to use walkers - It’s a very good way to stay mobile, when required. 

Also, walkers are great supporting gears for people suffering from hip and back pain, severe respiratory issues, arthritis, and other bone related issues. 

However, finding a suitable walker could be tricky because of multiple options available in the market. This article will guide you through the best walkers for seniors, when to buy them, and what features to consider while buying them.

When should you consider getting walkers for seniors?

With age, most people start facing difficulty while walking and can’t handle their overall body weight as their legs become a bit weak. This is where walkers are suggested to be used. So, if your family member or loved one is facing such mobility or balancing difficulty, all you need is a walker. 

Additionally, walkers are suggested to people who have undergone knee or hip surgery. To recover early and avoid putting too much pressure on the treated area, the doctor recommends a mobility aid. Especially when eldery people undergo some sort of surgery or operation, the recovery rate tends to be very slow because their bones become too weak. In this scenario as well, walkers come handy. 

Now whenever investing in walkers, make sure to research well and understand whether you need indoor assistance or outdoor assistance. Also, consider all the options and then select the right one for yourself. Don’t worry we’ll cover everything in this article. 

Best Walkers for seniors:

1. Folding WalkersFolding Walkers ensures easy walk and can be stored easily when not coming into use.  These are available with wheels and without wheels (depends on your requirements), and very easy to carry as well due to their light weight.


  • Easy to assemble

  • Encourage smoother walking

  • Durable and easy to store

  • Portable and lightweight


  • Not for outdoor use

  • Require lifting after every step

2. Side Walkers: Side walkers are smaller than other walkers but can be holded with one hand and are suitable for people with weakness in either one side of the body. It has a simple frame, comes with four legs, and an economical price.


  • Small and Portable design

  • Easy to use with one hand

  • Affordable

  • Best pick for people with one side leg weakness


  • Upper body strength is required to lift it after taking each step

  • Not best at weight-bearing

3. Walkers with Wheels: Wheeled walkers offer extra stability, encourage normal walks, and don’t require lifting after every step. These are the combination of front wheels and back legs, making them ideal for uneven surfaces.  If users require more mobility, these walkers would be the ideal choice.


  • Encourage normal walking pattern

  • Doesn’t require lifting

  • Proper walking for all surfaces

  • Ensure extra stability


  • Wheels are fixed that sometimes make turning difficult

  • More suitable for cognition walkers than standard walkers

4. Standard Walkers: Standard walkers have a simple frame with no wheels and no folding feature. These are required to be lifted after keeping every step forward. If someone doesn’t have difficulty lifting weight, these could be the best and affordable walkers for them. These are the best for indoor use and encourage fast recovery for patients with leg or hip injuries.


  • Easy to use

  • Simpler assembling

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Ensure balance and bear extra weight to encourage mobility


  • Not for outdoor use

  • Lifting it after every step is required

5. Dual Button Folding Walker with Wheels: Dual button folding walkers with wheels are ideal for someone who doesn’t know what to pick. Their front wheels ensure easy movement, have a lightweight frame and can be folded down easily when not in use.


  • Best hand grips

  • Ideal for outdoor use

  • Easy to use and assemble

  • Two-button folding option


  • Fixed wheels could make turning difficult

  • Not designed for standard walkers

Which features to consider when selecting walkers for seniors?

The best walker for seniors is the one that offers absolute comfort. And luckily, there are endless walker options available. But to make a better choice, it’s good to understand the features that define one’s pick. Here is a list of features that will make your selection process simpler:

  1. Weight and Portability: Walkers for seniors vary in weight, depending on their model. Although they are already lighter in weight to encourage portability, lifting even low weight things could be tougher for older adults; so, we recommend selecting the lightweight options.

  2. Wheels: If you want wheels in the walker, always check the number of wheels and their size and thickness. It should fit in the outdoor requirements to ensure mobility.

  3. Frame: The frame of the walkers also differs from model to model. You should consider getting the one with convenient folding, lightweight, and comfortable design. Its frame should also be easy to store.

  4. Storage Facilities: Storage is the biggest factor when investing in a walker. It should store well in the room and should not be bigger than required.

  5. Price: Price could be a factor for many people, but when investing in walkers, it is recommended to go for one that offers a good quality. When purchasing anything that affects your physical health, it’s best not to be so picky on the price. Don’t ever compromise on your health to save just a few bucks.

Get Support for your loved ones:

You can explore various options and find the best walkers for seniors to fit their requirements. Alex orthopedic would love to be your partner in encouraging ‘happy aging’ for your loved ones.