As we all know the holidays, are joyous and can be stressful. It’s a time for traveling to visit families and friends, for late night gatherings and of course shopping and eating til we drop For the elderly or injured it can be exhausting, and challenging. Helping your customers make the decisions they need to have a successful stress-free trip is helpful and will keep them coming back to you for more suggestions A travel folding cane, packs easily, and is convenient to carry along, for the times they just need a little support, plus with the large selection of designs, they will feel like they are styling. The Alex Sport seat cane is a great travel companion. Easy to tote, can take onto the plane as a carry on, and light-weight enough that you can suggest the customer takes it with them, so they can rest and not spoil the trip for themselves or their families. A travel pllow like Alex’s round memory foam pillow, supports the neck and head, while on the plane or in the car, can be shoved into carry on tote. Alex 5504 is small enough to fit right into a carry on, fits perfectly between the seat and the back of the neck for comfort. Another suggestion for your customer to consider when traveling, inflatable back cushion, easily inflatable for comfortable support for their back. It deflates and can be packed in your carry-on luggage