The Holiday travel season is here once again. More people are traveling now than at any other time during the year.  Holiday travel comes with its own set of complications for everyone, but can be even more taxing on those who are in pain or suffering from a medical condition.  Luckily, Alex Orthopedic has many items designed specifically for traveling individuals.

Millions of individuals suffer from some form of neck pain which can make traveling long distances extremely painful.  Modern technology has advanced now headrests in both cars and airplanes are designed to protect us from injury.  However, for those who are already suffering from an injury should consider adding a pillow for extra support.  The Memory Foam Neck Pillow was designed to fill the void in the neck area while seating and is perfect for use in planes or cars.

For every person that is experiencing neck pain, there are probably two more people who are dealing with back pain.  There are thousands of cushions and supports which help alleviate back pain in your home.  These products are often bulky and cumbersome making traveling with them difficult.  Alex Orthopedic has designed a new inflatable lumbar cushion which is great for travel as it can deflate to fit into most luggage.

Take advantage of products designed for travel this holiday season.  These products also make great gifts for your loved ones who will notice the difference in all their travels.