Summer is Finally Here!

Summer is finally here!  Even with the warmer weather people are looking forward to time relaxing at the pool or even having a BBQ with friends and family. After being done with all the fun in the sun you might find yourself hot and sweaty and in need of a cold shower. While you should always be focused on pool and outdoor safety during these times it can be easy to overlook the necessity of bathroom safety especially among the aging population in the USA.


Bathroom safety can come in all manners or products from standard grab bars to specialized toilet seats and frames. One issue that can affect many individuals is bathtub safety. Whether your customers are concerned about the difficulty of getting into and out of a tub or just falling in the bath or shower Alex has a bath chair or bench to fit every need.


To determine the right product for your customer you might need to discuss their current concerns with bathtub safety. If the main issue is getting into or out of a tub a transfer bench might be the perfect solution for them. A transfer bench sits both inside and outside of a bathtub allowing an individual to sit down on the bench without having to step over a high bathtub wall and then slide across the seat and fully into the tub. However, if your customer is concerned more about falling in the tub then a bath bench with handles might be a better option for them.  Having a secure seat inside a shower or tub can give additional support and even allow for showering from a seated position if needed.


It is important to screen your customer as they may be shy or too proud to give the information you need to help them freely. A few simple and friendly questions can help to make the best choice because there is always the possibility that they are just a little unsure of themselves around the bathtub but are still fully mobile and might just need a simple grab bar installed in their home.