Written by: John F. Boogaerts

We all know that dressing for success has been proven to be effective. But it goes further, dressing your store to look successful shows your clientele that you care. Walking into a store that is well organized, and colorful is very appealing, and lends itself to browsing. And ultimately purchasing. Alex offers superior, colorful packaging with clean lines that people recognize and trust.

 Hernia Belts are a delicate subject that users can be reluctant to seek help finding, and sizing. Alex’s hernia belt has packaging with detailed images and sizing chart so that customers can remain discreet with their purchase and comfortable in their surroundings. Meaning, they’ll feel more welcome to return.

Alex also offers many of our foam products in quality, neat packaging that the customer can easily use to transport their wedge, or storage. The detailed insert provides descriptive images and feature what the product aids. We even offer DME products like bath benches, bed pans, pedal exercises and more in captivating packaging. Simplifying the search for a wanted item.

When people see our products, they recognize and remember the quality we offer. Let us bring that commitment to your business.