With Labor Day right around the corner we can prepare to say goodbye to summer as we embrace the cooler weather coming our way. With temperatures dropping it is a great time to get back into an outdoor exercise routine. Whether you prefer walking, jogging, running, or even hiking make sure you are preparing yourself and your body for these activities. 

 Proper stretching is a great start before any activity as it helps to loosen your muscles and prepare your body for exercising. However, as you age the toll of pre-existing injuries or soreness can dampen your enthusiasm for exercising. A neoprene wrap or brace is a great solution to provide that weaker area with extra support while you exercise. From Knee braces to elbow sleeves Alex Orthopedic Inc. has a product for you to help get you back moving comfortably. 

 Thermapress wraps are an ingenious way to provide hot/cold therapy to targeted areas of your body. Ranging in sizes from 4”x6” for your knees and ankles to 10”x15” for full abdominal support Alex has a Hot and cold wrap for every part of the body.