Today we wanted to highlight some of our newest items the Body Pillows. These pillows are full body length and provide a range of benefits when sleeping with them especially if you are pregnant. 

Using a body pillow during pregnancy can provide numerous benefits for comfort and support. Here are some advantages: 

1. Improved spinal alignment: A body pillow can help maintain proper alignment of the spine, reducing discomfort and promoting better sleep posture. 

2. Reduced pressure points: The pillow can help alleviate pressure on sensitive areas such as the hips, lower back, and joints, reducing pain and promoting better blood circulation. 

3. Enhanced support: Pregnant women often experience a shift in their center of gravity, leading to increased strain on the body. A body pillow provides extra support to the abdomen, back, and sides, helping to alleviate stress on these areas. 

4. Eased muscle tension: The pillow can help relax muscles and relieve tension by providing support and cushioning for different body parts. 

5. Improved sleep quality: By promoting better comfort and reducing discomfort, a body pillow can contribute to improved sleep quality, allowing pregnant women to get more restful sleep. 

Regarding your own comfort, using a body pillow can indeed be beneficial. While it may not be designed specifically for men or non-pregnant individuals, it can still provide support and alignment benefits. You can experiment with different positions and orientations of the pillow to find the most comfortable setup for you. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference, but many people find body pillows helpful for achieving a comfortable and restful sleep.