Out of all the places in your home where you might fall or be injured the bathroom is one of the most likely places for this to occur.  This makes sense when you realize that the majority of home healthcare products you see for sale are tailored to bathroom safety.  From Bath benches to safety frames there are a plethora of options to help make your bathroom safer and prevent falls or accidents.  Bathroom safety has never been more important and it is time to take matters into your own hand to protect yourself or your loved ones.

One of the most common bathroom safety fixtures is the raised toilet seat riser.  These items help to secure the individual on the toilet as well as raise the seat height up so that way there is less distance to travel when sitting or standing from the toilet.  Traditionally these came in multiple styles being available with a lock and arms or just sitting on the open toilet bowl, However one feature shared by all of these devices is that once it is secured to the toilet it is locked in and not easily removed prohibiting use of that bathroom from other individuals.  Coupled with other mobility issues such as needing a walker or wheelchair you can end up limiting access to your most convenient bathroom location all because you have to put a toilet riser in that specific bathroom.

This is where the new Alex Hinged Toilet risers come into help!  Designed with a moveable hinge on the back side these toilet risers are able to be raised and lowered in the same way a toilet lid would on a standard toilet.  This feature means that no matter which bathroom you need to fit with accessibility devices the toilet would still be accessible to any visitors or other individuals in the home.  Take back control of your bathroom with the new Hinged toilet risers from Alex Orthopedic.