The Cane Stay was created out of necessity when the inventor noticed her father was always trying to find a nook in the wall to rest the cane. With the need came the idea of  the Cane Stay. A simple product that provides many with mobility solutions to ease the burden.

The Cane Stay is easily applied to almost any cane with a Squeeze, Attach, Release process. Once done the lightweight, and discreet structure allows the user to continue with their day.

Once the user is ready to rest, the cane stay is easily rested on any flat surface so the cane is readily available. It also can be rested on it's side, or even moved up the shaft to wedge under a table top; keeping the table open, and providing more space.

Made right in Texas, the cane stay offers a quick solution to an old problem. Keeping the cane up right while it's not in use. This comes in black, and light purple to help match a variety of cane colors. Available now, and ship first class anywhere in the USA!