GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (Dec. 5, 2014)—Alex Orthopedic has added several new products to its Home Health Care Center, a turnkey retail program for HME providers that allows for easy entry into the retail home health product arena. The Home Health Care Center offers a complete selection of products across six categories: orthopedic, thermapress, compression hosiery, pillows and cushions, canes and DME products. The recent new products were added in the pillows and cushions, canes and DME categories. The Home Health Care Center package costs HME providers less than $4,200 and includes 420 items with a suggested retail value of more than $10,000. This translates into 20 linear feet of products. The company also offers two smaller Home Health Care Centers to fit more restrictive space requirements. “The Home Health Care Center removes the risk and hassle of entering the rapidly growing home health retail market,” explains Linda Lavi, co-owner of Alex Orthopedic. “And one of the best parts of the program is that providers receive their entire retail offering from a single-source supplier.”