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American Made

When shopping in the USA, there is a very good chance that just about any item selected for purchase is being produced in a foreign country. There are a multitude of reasons for this situation. However, as an American, we should take every opportunity to buy American made products, and this is why.

The more dollars we spend on products made hear, the more jobs we create here. This is pretty straight forward. The real power created by this simple action is that for every manufacturing job created, five to eight times that many support jobs are created. Every dollar spent here, stays here. The economy improves and the government enjoys increased tax revenue.

Companies manufacturing here in the USA must also follow strict environmental regulations that simply do not exist in many top exporting countries. Buying American contributes to a healthy environment directly in this way, and indirectly by reducing fossil fuel usage for shipping products in.

Many of the high exporting countries have little or no regulations regarding working conditions or other human rights issues. Buying American allows us to vote with our wallet against exploitation. It also allows us to have a positive impact with regard to poverty and welfare in this country.

This month, our specials focus on a select group of products that are manufactured right here, in the good old US of A. Invest in your country and buy American made products whenever you can!

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2. 18 18" Donut Cushion
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3. Knee High Anti-Embolism Closed Toe 18mmHg Knee High Anti-Embolism Closed Toe 18mmHg
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Home Healthcare Solution 2 Home Healthcare Solution 2
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$25.00 Alex Gift Certificate
Patriotic Cane Display Deal