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At Alex we want our customers to be comfortable at all times. Maintaining proper posture and getting the proper support for the mid and lower back helps to minimize fatigue and pressure. Alex seating can be taken anywhere to sit in complete comfort anytime. When choosing a seating product, keep in mind the following 5 points. Seating, in the medical context, is extremely important for those mobility impaired individuals that must be in a sitting position for extended periods of time. Proper seating for these individuals must take the following 5 things into account.
1 – Posture Proper alignment of the hips, back, shoulders and neck are all very important in promoting proper organ function, comfort, and helping to reduce fatigue.
2 – Pressure Increased pressure in consistent locations must be accounted for to prevent the formation of decubitus ulcers.
3 – Shear The push and pull against the skin can also lead to skin breakdown and the formation of decubitus ulcers.
4 – Heat Pressure, shear and a lack of air circulation can cause heat to build in localized areas and contribute to tissue breakdown and ulcer formation.
5 – Quality of Life Seating options should, through proper alignment and comfortable positioning, allow the mobility impaired individual to function comfortably, safely, and to their fullest potential in day to day activities.
Today’s seating options offer both off-the-shelf solutions and customized solutions to address the issues listed. Either way, obtaining the right product is paramount.